[Marxism] Conspirators Escape in Venezuela Linked to Violent Plan

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 16 08:30:19 MDT 2006

August 16, 2006

Conspirators Escape in Venezuela Linked to Violent Plan

CARACAS, August 15.-Venezuelan Police investigations into the escape
from prison of four men accused of participating in coup and
destabilization attempts have discovered electronic communications
that originated in the United States and are related to the case,
revealed VEA newspaper on Tuesday.

Guillermo Garcia Ponce, the newspaper's director, asked the
authorities to be on alert for subsequent destabilization actions. 
He believes that there is a counterrevolution and a fifth column
organized in the country, reported Prensa Latina.

On Sunday, former labor activist Carlos Ortega, sentenced to 15 years
in prison for his involvement in the 2002 coup against President Hugo
Chavez, escaped along with three officers sentenced for other crimes
to destabilize the country.

Col. Jesus Farias and Cap. Rafael Farias were serving nine years for
their involvement in the smuggling of 100 Columbian paramilitaries
into the country. Col. Dario Frias was in jail for stealing weapons
of war among other charges.

Garcia Ponce, a veteran Communist leader, said "everything was
perfectly coordinated and synchronized with the escape being part of
a plot to create chaos."

According to the article in VEA, a revealing e-mail message was
detected between a person identified as Leopoldo Torres, from the
United States, and Edith Ruiz, an assistant to Globovision magnate
Alberto Federico Ravell.

"Leopoldo Torres works in the US Homeland Security Department,
something similar to the Ministry of Interior in Venezuela, and is
the son of Betty Torre, a former judge who is intimately connected
with Carlos Ortega," reported VEA.

The same source said Ruiz's e-mail included an audio file with the
voice of Col. Jesus Farias, read by Globovision, in which he
addresses the country to explain the reasons for his escape.


In another dispatch, Prensa Latina reported that Primero Justicia
(Justice First), the Venezuelan party seen as the main opposition,
was rocked on Tuesday by an internal insurrection from a sector that
accused the party leadership of being exclusive and anti-democratic.

Gerardo Blyde, former secretary of the party; Leopoldo Lopez, mayor
of the Caracas municipality of Chaco; ex-legislator Liliana
Hernandez; and others refused to recognize "those who try to proclaim
themselves as the board of directors."

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