[Marxism] Re: Engels Gives Up on Arabic and Struggles to Learn Persian

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Wed Aug 16 09:25:49 MDT 2006

Engels is correct of course, but he doesn't know WHY Perisan is easier: it's
roots are Indo-European, not Semetic. And, he is correct about the writings,
which was 'semiticized' when they adopted a written language. Interestingly,
going east, toward Pakistan, you have a non-Farsi language like Urdu with
"Farsi" characters (Arabic skewed with other newer characters) combined, it
seems, with Hindi. Those of us on the MIA have been struggling with this for 10
years, since turning these old languages into HTML or anything else  readable on
the computer is a painstaking task! We just got the Communist Manifesto
digitized for Urdu recently.

PS...Gerry Foley lives in SF now. About 10 years ago I saw him walk into a cafe
by the socialist action headquarters carrying a "Georgian-Armenian" dictionary.
Only Gerry!

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