[Marxism] What the hell has happened to the Israeli army?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Wed Aug 16 11:03:31 MDT 2006

Marvin Gandall wrote:
> I don't know of anyone else left, right, or centre who believes with you
> that a) the majority of the US and Israeli populations regard the wars in
> Iraq and Lebanon as anything other than national disasters and b) that the
> Bush and Olmert administrations are unmoved by the effect of public opinion
> on their military options and political fortunes. They don't have to see
> millions demonstrating in the streets to guage how unpopular their wars have
> become and how it has affected their objectives.

Marvin, every so often you carry your extreme underestimation of
bourgeois power too far. How in the world can mere passive dislike of a
state policy  affect that policy _at all_ as long as all major sectors
and allies of the ruling sections of the nation seriously support that
policy? "Anything less than national disasters" is also extravagant. The
u.s. has suffered no _disaster_ at all, and the war would be a _serious_
defeat for Israel only under two conditions: a) that it led to a
significant reduction in u.s. support and b) if the Israeli populace
begin to demand, _vigorously_, that Israel unamgiguously withdraw from
the occupied territroes and recognize Palestine as a state wielding
sovereignty over its own territories.

"Hope springs eternal" does seem a reasonable motto for your judgment of
mideastern affairs. Repression continues happily along in the West Bank
and  Gaza. All is well.

Hezbollah's resistance certainly is a victory for the world's peoples,
but victories of far greater magnitude would not necessarily create
_effective_ resistance in either the U.S. or Israel to u.s. imperial
power in the mideast.


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