[Marxism] Re: Engels Gives Up on Arabic and Struggles to LearnPersian

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 16 13:04:59 MDT 2006

>Arabic easier than Spanish!? That's new one. Just learning the alphabet in 
>Arabic script seems like a challenge.
>I am still in my long and fruitless endevour to learn French and Arabic. 
>Fortunately, I learned first Spanish and had to do a quick English 
>learning in order to survive in the US.
>por el socialismo,

I'll be taking elementary Turkish at Columbia this semester. I get to take 
classes for free as an employee. Looking forward to that. I will be able to 
get around in Istanbul and Izmir on my own--hopefully. I always get a kick 
out of the fact that Turkish is an ungendered language. My wife is always 
referring to men as "she" and women as "he". Apparently, there are no such 
distinctions in that language--at least as its been represented to me. 
Pretty cool, no?



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