[Marxism] Intl'l Force could find closed doors in Lebanon

Lou Paulsen loupaulsen at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 16 15:59:14 MDT 2006

Lueko wrote,
Israeli troops are pulling out of Lebanon, and the Lebanese government 
has announced that it will send units of the Lebanese army still this 
week into the south, taking over positions from the Israeli occupation 
forces. On the other hand, the imperialist powers are jockeying for 
positions in the planned international force which is supposed to 
strengthen UNIFIL, and with a "robust" mandate.  

So it might well happen, that the Lebanese army replaces the Israeli 
troops before this international force is being assembled, and then may 
declare that the force is not needed and not welcome in the country. And 
these are so eager to quarantine Lebanon from the sea and from the 
Syrian border. 
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Well, but on the other hand Israel may not withdraw its troops after all, or at least not willingly ... see below
In one place, Halutz says that the IDF will not withdraw until the Lebanese army deploys, but in another place, he says that "Until then [meaning the deployment of UNIFIL troops], IDF forces will be forced [sic] to stay in the field", which seems to mean that they will say until the imperialists show up EVEN IF the Lebanese army deploys (and they would probably prevent the Lebanese army from deploying in their occupied zone).
Lou Paulsen
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Israeli troops 'could be in southern Lebanon for months' 
David Fickling and agencies
Wednesday August 16, 2006
Guardian Unlimited 

Israel's military chief today said it could be months before Israeli troops left southern Lebanon if an international force did not arrive to take their place soon.
Dan Halutz, the armed forces chief of staff, said the Israel Defence Force would stay in occupied areas until the 15,000-strong Unifil peacekeeping force could come in to prevent Hizbullah guerrillas from taking control.
"The deployment of Unifil troops in south Lebanon is likely to take several months," he told a parliamentary committee. "It is not clear exactly how many. Until then, IDF forces will be forced to stay in the field."
He warned that the withdrawal would stop altogether is the Lebanese army was not deployed to control the border region within days.
The announcement dented hopes of a quick Israeli withdrawal, increasing the risk that tensions between the warring sides could break Monday's ceasefire if both settled into a long standoff.  [...]


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