[Marxism] Nasrallah interview and Achcar article

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Wed Aug 16 23:32:24 MDT 2006

On 17 août 06, at 13:36, Sayan Bhattacharyya wrote:
> Unfortunately, in the interview he also makes comments such as:
> " In the west, with primarily in the US the media is in the hands  
> of Jewish
> capitalists"
> which seem rather anti-semitic (or at least lend themselves to  
> being spun
> easily to look so).

Considering the coverage offered by the US media one could wonder.  
Put otherwise: if the US media were really owned by "Jewish  
capitalists" would it offer a different coverage of the ME ? Or  
should have he used "zionist allies" etc ?

I'd like to know what is the position of the Jewish capitalist class  
in the US regarding the ME issues though. He could have limited that  
to "Jews" only, which would also have been anti-semitic, but being on  
the front line of the zionist offensive and seeing how _that _ is  
spun by the US media how to blame him for such assertions ? Now the  
"problem" is not whether what he said can be spun as anti-semitic   
but rather whether he put the "capitalist" epithet only to satisfy  
the interviewer and a certain audience, which is really a minor issue  
considering how the whole story has already been spun over decades.

There is a lot of straight anti-"arab" stuff all over the place to  
fight against, please give the Lebanese a second of break to mourn  
their dead before commenting on their "discourse".

> Also problematic is his statement:
> "This war will end with the victory of the oppressed of the world  
> and of the
> Muslims."
> Why "the Muslims"? Why not stop with "the oppressed of the world"?  
> This kind
> of language plays directly into the Huntingtonian "clash-of- 
> civilizations"
> trap.

The oppressed of the world for "the world" and the Muslims for the Umma.

Jean-Christophe Helary

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