[Marxism] Why is 'Out Now!' weak?

dwalters at marxists.org dwalters at marxists.org
Thu Aug 17 10:28:09 MDT 2006

I find myself agreeing 99% with Joaquin on the debate over "Out Now!". Usually
this means "bring the troops home now!" or some other direct and immediate
demand for ending the US occupation. Not supporting this means..what exactly?
That you are FOR the US remaining in Iraq? Surely no one on this list supports

My view is that the whole (and, IMO, neo-Barnesite) view that 'differences'
among those fighting Iraq vs those that fought in Vietnam against the US
occupation make *our* slogans different are just so much smoke. I think there
is a certain amount of sectarianism, because we don't "like" the views or
methods employed by the Resistance in Iraq but the Vietnamese movement, born
out of a traditional national liberation and communist movement, was some how
more supportable. Are there differences? Absolutely, and at every level. But
what is similiar is that there is a people fighting a neo-colonial imperialist
occupation and it's not for us to go soft on the most anti-imperialist demand
once can raise: the immediate withdrawl of US occupying troops from Iraq.

On that 1% I disagree with Joaquin on: I think one can represent a majority and
also be a puppet regime. Certainly, at the impressionistic level, the gov't in
Iraq was voted by a 'majority' with clear support by Kurdish and Shia
communities. Just look at those rallies the latter held, well into the hundreds
of thousands. But among them, too, were those that oppose continued US
occupation...voters that voted for puppet political movements now in gov't AND
oppose continued US support for those gov'ts. I doubt seriously anyone can make
a case that the majority of Kurds and Shia did not support the overthrow of
Saddam and the Baath gov't. Things change over the course of years. It still
makes no difference from the point of view of opposing imperialism.


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