[Marxism] Re: Nasrallah interview (or,

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Thu Aug 17 17:30:56 MDT 2006

On 18 août 06, at 08:02, Mike Friedman wrote:
> Nestor is simply arguing that the political stake involved is  
> building a united front against imperialism (or, from our point of  
> view in the imperialist countries, building a movement in  
> solidarity with Hezbollah). His formulation of the issue hurts the  
> possibility of building such an alliance.

But his formulation appeals to his supporters who are struggling  
right now. And as far as the alliance is concerned, it is _our_ duty  
to understand the needs/conditions of the people who struggle and who  
give their blood (and I am not being romantic here) _not_ the other  
way round. Imperialism is not a one sided phenomenon and there are  
various ways to understand it and fight it, none being more valid  
than the other.

As for solidarity with Hezbollah, I think it has been argued already,  
but it is barely relevant. Or course we can try to put pressure on  
our gvts (or can we ?), we can financially support them etc, but in  
the end, what matters is that we do something here and now and that  
_their_ fight is understood as a "godsend" (literally) that can be  
used to relieve us from some of the pressure we've been experiencing  

You know, I am writing all that as a foreigner living in country-side  
Japan and besides for a few activities with local "left" politicians  
I have not participated to much organizational work here, but there  
are things that I can do now, thanks to Hezbollah's victories (that  
give them a little more credibility today than 5 weeks ago) that I  
could not do before.


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