[Marxism] Anglos (aka whites, gringos, gabachos, Americans)

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 18 01:07:01 MDT 2006

	Responding to a post where I said, "And I'm just sick of Anglos
right now. I just am," M. Junaid Alam writes, that my "current intellectual
slogan is apparently 'down with white people.'" MJA is right about the
slogan, but quite wrong about it being "intellectual." On the contrary, it
is visceral.

	And since I was just writing another post about anti Semitism and
the Jews, let's start there.

	Suppose Congress were holding field hearings on a law that
intimately and directly impacted the Jewish community. And a subcommittee
decided to hold hearings on the bill in a county that was (by official
numbers) 25% Jewish. And in reality something like 33% or 40% Jewish, but
the anti-Semitism is so intense in the area many Jews hide when people
bearing clipboards and identifying themselves as government agents knock on
your door wanting to know, among other things, whether you're a Jew.

	And despite the outraged protests of the Jewish community, not a
single Jew is allowed to speak at the day-long hearing. Would you consider
this anti-Semitism? Don't you think it would be denounced, not just by the
Jewish community, but by the leading newspapers and politicians and churches
of all denominations?

*  *  *

	Or suppose Congress were holding field hearings on, say, the renewal
of the voting rights act. And a subcommittee decided to have field hearings
in a county that was (officially) 25% Black, but in reality much more
because the racism is so intense there's a tremendous undercount.

	And despite the outraged protests of the Black community, not a
single Black --not even the biggest Uncle Tom around-- is allowed to testify
at the day long hearings. Would you consider this racism? Don't you think it
would be denounced, not just by Blacks, but in the pages of the New York
Times and the Washington Post, and all sorts of white folks would be joining
in the denunciations?

*  *  *

	In Gainesville, Georgia, seat of Hall County, Congressional Hearings
were held on Monday presided by the Hon. Charlie Norwood. It was a
right-wing radio hate fest in Congressional drag. And after repeating a
grab-bag of the usual lies and libels, as an afterthought, in the 16th
paragraph of a 17-paragraph story, the Associated Press reports: "Hispanic
community groups complained on Monday that they had been left off the
witness list."

	No group is even mentioned by name. No amplification of the point
allowed. Instead, in that inimitable "two sides to every story" style of the
white press, we get this:

	"Norwood made no apologies for that.

	"'What I wanted was witnesses who agree with me, not disagree with
me,' Norwood said."

	End of story.

	Now follows a complete list of all the white Churches, white unions,
white businessmen, white industry groups, white civic organizations, white
politicians, white newspapers, white columnists, white city councils, white
boards of county commissioners and other white people who raised their
voices in protest of this outrage:


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