[Marxism] Anti-Semitism and the (Greek) Left

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 18 01:08:00 MDT 2006

Jim Fleming quotes the anarcho-zionist who styles him/her self as
"NeverForget" as saying, "The breaking of the taboo — upholding the respect
for the memory of the victims of the Nazis, not by fascists, but by people
calling themselves leftwing — is the latest climax of a recent series of
anti- Semitic manifestations in both word and deed in which the Greek
Communist party (KKE) has played a leading role." 

I have no opinion about this action, one way or the other. The description
given is quite tendentious, and thus unconvincing. How does one "desecrate"
a memorial to victims of a holocaust decades ago by placing on it pictures
of the victims of crimes against humanity being carried out today? 

Is it not rather the proper political use and role of such memorials to
rally humanity against the repetition of such horrors, no matter who the

I do not know what the photos were. I do know that the original complaint
against the protest suggests this was their character:

"We stand in full solidarity with the condemnation of the desecration of the
monument issued by the Israelite Community of Thessalonica, which, among
other things, states: 
"'This monument, inaugurated in 1997 by President Konstantinos
Stephanopoulos, was dedicated by the Greek state to the memory of the 50,000
Greek Jews of Thessalonica who were exterminated by the Nazis. Every and any
attempt to combine this with other events is amiss and insults the memory of
these innocent victims.'"

This is the theory of the uniqueness of the Nazi holocaust against the Jews.
It assigns a unique category of victimhood to Jews. No matter what else was
or is being done to anyone else, it can't begin to compare to what was done
to the Jews. ANY comparison is ipso factor anti-Semitic. And from this often
flow certain political conclusions, that this unique victimhood gives a
unique claim to legitimacy of what are presented as the national aspirations
of the Jews by both the state that claims to be uniquely Jewish and most
leading Jewish organizations.

Thus it is surprising to see Brian Shannon somehow drawing the conclusion
that this incident "is negative proof of the need to distinguish Zionist
from Jewish, not only within the Middle East, but more importantly, because
it is our role as educators where we function politically, within
imperialist countries."

I literally do not understand what this means, or how to apply it in this
case if you say, as Brian does "Whatever the truth is about this action,"
sharing, I suppose, my own distrust of such a blatantly tendentious account
of the events which is largely shorn of any concrete facts.


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