[Marxism] Anglos (aka whites, gringos, gabachos, Americans)

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Fri Aug 18 04:37:36 MDT 2006

I share Joaquin's visceral response, but it's more general than any 

After all, it's not as though the black community (I live in the middle 
of it and am basically part of it) is out in the streets or combative 
over any of the dozen issues that should be moving people.  There are 
certainly as high a proportion of "Support Our Troops" stickers on the 
neighbors' cars as on those anywhere else in the city.  And why 
wouldn't there be?

As far as that goes, it's unclear how much of the immigrants' movement 
actually mobilized Hispanics who were already rooted here.  In this 
city, the entire thing was an extension of what exists of "civil 
rights"...that is, a clergy-led exercise in moral witnessing by dozens 
of the pure in heart (the kind aimed at impressing the crap out of the 
Holy Ghost, but has no clear political meaning).

The problem isn't that Americans are mean or stupid or even willfully 
ignorant.  Though there's a lot of both, these are symptoms more than 
anything else.  Insofar as we can discuss their views collectively, 
working people in America are comfortable.  Contented?  Probably not in 
general, but they are relatively comfrotable.  Enough so to where they 
are not reacting to many things to which we think they should be 

Demonstrations upset a part of them because they make that part 
uncomfortable.  Not the policy, but us in the streets.  We've always 
been willing to deal with that backlash as the price of mobilizing 
political opposition.

I don't know whether channeling rage against any group...whites, 
organized labor, skilled workers, etc. clarifies anything.  We are 
dealing with a general condition shared broadly by the working class in 

Mark L.

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