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India's Naxalites

A spectre haunting India

GANESH UEIKE, secretary of the West Bastar Divisional Committee of the 
Communist Party of India (Maoist), seems a gentle, rather academic, man, 
who does not suit his green combat fatigues or clenched-fist "red salute". 
He shuffles dog-eared bits of paper from a shabby file in his knapsack and 
writes down the questions he is asked. He answers them in slogans that he 
gives every appearance of believing. He wants to "liberate India from the 
clutches of feudalism and imperialism".

A band of merry Naxalites

The rare interview took place last month, in a thatched shelter in a 
clearing in the Bastar forest in southern Chhattisgarh. The spot was some 
seven hours' walk from the nearest road, and there had been a 
day-and-a-half's wait for such a "big leader" to emerge from a hideout even 
deeper in the jungle. His party, he said, was facing renewed suppression, 
because "the resources of finance capitalism are facing sluggishness in 
their development, and are looking for new routes," such as the mineral 
riches of this forest.

Mr Ueike did not mention that, just a few hours beforehand, at the edge of 
the forest, in a place called Errabore, his comrades had fought back. 
Several hundred had mounted a co-ordinated attack on a police station, a 
paramilitary base and a relief camp for displaced people. They killed more 
than 30 of the camp's residents, mostly by hacking them to death with axes. 
The scholarly Mr Ueike did boast that his army relied on "low-tech weapons".

This was the latest battle in a year-long civil war in Dantewada district, 
in which more than 350 people have been killed, and nearly 50,000 moved 
into camps such as the one at Errabore. It is a remote, sparsely populated, 
under-developed region bordering three neighbouring states, and nine hours' 
drive from Chhattisgarh's capital, Raipur (see map). It is here that 
India's widespread Maoist rebellion is most intense.

full: http://www.economist.com/world/asia/displaystory.cfm?story_id=7799247



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