[Marxism] Anglos (aka whites, gringos, gabachos, Americans)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Fri Aug 18 07:23:32 MDT 2006

mlause at cinci.rr.com wrote:

> Insofar as we can discuss their views collectively, working people in America are comfortable.  Contented?  Probably not in general, but they are relatively comfrotable.  Enough so to where they are not reacting to many things to which we think they should be reacting.
my take is different. 

people here in the US are not comfortable with lots of things. a few
weeks ago Yoshie was talking about US docility in the face of hundred's
of thousands of Lebanese refugees.We have several hundred thousand
refugees from the destruction of New Orleans, a direct impact on a US
populace, and yet barely any stirring here. to me, its as if the ruling
class is saying, go along with us while we press our imperial agenda, or
this is the kind of thing we will allow to happen to you at home.

think of jobs and healthcare.

i do not think the majority of people here are "comfortable". while it
may be comforting to think US workers are

  a. comfortable
  b. bought off
  c. ignorant, lazy, stupid, etc

and while thinking this might lead to support of an anti-imperialist
agenda from abroad, i do not see how it advances the war at home. said
differently: if this week's current events are making US marxists forget
about conditions at home, perhaps the rulers cast a larger spell than i
thought possible.

comparing comfort levels of people in New Orleans refugee camps, Detroit
inner-city, CT suburbs, Southern Lebanon, Gaza,  New Delhi, Buenos
Aires, and so forth is another story.


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