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The Green Party of Michigan says . . .
Money for Detroit, 
Not for War!

Elect Derek Grigsby

Derek Grigsby, a laid off City of Detroit Water Department worker, is a 49
year old father of four.  He has been active in civil rights, anti-war and
community organizing for the past 10 years.

State Representative - District 07

What do we need?  Our kids need better schools and better paid teachers.  We
need free health care for everyone and free prescription drugs for senior
citizens.  We need jobs for all and recreation centers for our youth.  What
ever happened to low cost housing?  And our roads are a disgrace.  We need a
minimum wage of $15 an hour.  And we have to restore water service and
electricity to everyone who has been cut off.  What about some bus service?
How can we do it?  Where is all our tax money going?  To the wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan, to supply Israel with weapons to kill civilians, to the
Pentagon war machine.  Hundreds of billions of dollars down the drain for
death and destruction.  Just one day's cost of the Iraq war could be used to
wipe out the entire City of Detroit deficit.  
Who will do it?  Both the Republicans and the Democrats support the wars and
the wasteful military budgets.  Only independent, activist candidates can
stand up and say - Money for Our Cities - NOT FOR WAR! 

David Sole for U.S. Senate

Douglas Campbell for Governor - David Frank Skrbina for Lt. Governor

Lynn Meadows for Secretary of State

Kevin Carey for State Board of Education 

Lauren Elizabeth Spencer for Michigan State University Board of Trustees 

Michael Merriweather for Wayne State University Board of Governors 

Kristen Hamel for State Representative, 1st District

Lloyd Clarke for State Senate, 32nd District

Kyle McBee for State Senate, 13th District
Jacob Woods for State Board of Education
Margaret Guttshall for Wayne State University Board of Governors
Edward Arthur Morin for University of Michigan Board of Regents
Derek Grigsby for State Representative, District 07 Wayne County   
Fred D. Vitale for State Representative, District 03 Wayne County
James Wolbrink for State Senate, District 05 Wayne County
Issued by: Committee to Elect Derek Grigsby State Representative
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