[Marxism] Nasrallah interview faked ?

Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Fri Aug 18 12:41:48 MDT 2006

Am Fri, 18 Aug 2006 18:44:42 +0200 schrieb Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com>:

>> The odd thing about the original web site is that it is only
>> in English. And there is no link to a Turkish (or any other
>> language) web site. Does Louis have an explanation for this?
> I showed it to my wife. She didn't study it exactly, but identified them  
> as a Maoist party that in her words is "nuts". They do have a Turkish  
> site actually: http://www.emep.org/giris.htm

The Turkish version of the interview exists. Do a Google search on  
Nasrallah+Evrensel and you will get a lot of hits to the Turkish version.

As for EMEP (Evrensel is their daily) beeing "nuts": I would not put it in  
these words. They certainly stand in the tradition of the Hoxhaist TDKP,  
but they are certainly not a cult like the US RCP. In Germany they work  
inside the Left Party and have through that a MP.

Evrensel is widely read and respected among the Turkish (Marxist-Leninist)  
Left. I just talked to a Turkish comrade about it and he doubted Evrensel  
itself could have invented such an interview. But you should note that the  
interview was done by free-lancers of a left TV team who are currently in  
Beirut. It seems they have sold it to Evrensel.

Certainly the AngryArab blog does not have any inside information about  
the cicumstances of the interview, so the main point is that it does not  
sound like Nasrallah, but more like a secular Marxist-Leninist.

The more I am thinking about it I come to the same conclusions like As'ad  
Abukhalil. Usually Nasrallah is a quite sophisticated politician when you  
read his interviews and speeches, but the Evrensel interview is really  
showing a very raw anti-imperialism. OK, this might be explained by a  
clumsy translation, first from Arabic to Turkish and than from Turkish to  

But there are other things that make me doubt the authenticy of the  
interview: Why should Nasrallah give his sole interview to a non-Arabic  
media to almost unknown Turkish left-wingers. As far as I know Nasrallah  
gave only one single interview to Al-Jazeera during the war. All his other  
statements were speeches on Al Manar TV.

OK, those Turkish journalists could have made contacts during their stay  
in Beirut that won them the confidence of Hizbollah, possible, but highly  
unlikely. Dont forget Nassrallah was a primary war target of the Zionists  
and I really doubt Hizbollah security would have taken the risk of leading  
foreign journalists to their leader.

Another thing that makes me doubt is the fact that the interview is not  
mentioned on the Al Manar website. Since there was only a Al Jazeera  
interview, I am quite sure they would have published such a rare interview.


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