[Marxism] Nasrallah interview faked ?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Aug 18 15:29:12 MDT 2006

Johannes Schneider

Please note: I am no part of the "U.S. left"

CB: Which would imply that the comment doesn't apply to you, no ?


> , we have
> reached a point where it's fine and dandy to speculate about  
> conspiracies by leftists ,

Given the heated discussion here about the alleged anti-semitism of  
Nasrallah, I think it is not "fine and dandy", but essential to establish
whether those words that are the foundation of the accusation of
anti-semitism are Nasrallahs words at all.


CB: It is "essential" to establish the truth or falsity about many of the
events about which anti-conspiracy theorists shout down speculation.


> but with any questioning of stories of events by the capitalist
> governments, a bunch of leftists jump up and start accusing the  
> questioning
> of being "conspiracy theory."

I dont know, what you are alluding to.


CB: I'm alluding to anti-conspiracy theory discourse that is all the rave on
U.S. left emails.

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