[Marxism] "Political Islam" (was: Frei Betto: Encounters with Fidel

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 18 17:31:25 MDT 2006

Mike Friedman wrote:
>I'm not sure I understand you either. Why should belief necessarily "dull 
>the blade"? Darwinian evolution is also a materialist philosophy, and was 
>a real anathema for religious people. Yet, I have plenty of theistic 
>colleagues who wield and apply evolutionary theory, struggle against 
>creationists, etc. They merely "render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's..."

Exactly. When a religious person gets involved with Marxist or Darwinian 
evolutionary theory, they leave their religious beliefs behind. As you put 
it: "render unto Caesar..." Of course, there have been attempts to inject 
theology or philosophical idealism into Marxism but the results have been 
analogous to mixing Glenlivet with Coca Cola.

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