[Marxism] Anglos (aka whites, gringos, gabachos, Americans)

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"Sheesh! Talk about scrambling your slurs! Since when have "Americans,
whites, Anglos, gringos & so forth [call 'em wha'cha will] come to be known
also as "gabachos?"  Gabacho has several meanings, none at all flattering;
but whites, Anglos, gringos & Americans ain't to be found among 'em, no
matter how persistent the semantic spin-doctoring."
- - -


gabacho m

   1. a villager from the Pyranees
   2. (colloquial, pejorative) a Frenchman, a Frog
   3. (colloquial, pejorative) (Texas) a white American
   4. (colloquial, pejorative) (Mexico) foreigner, gringo

White man, woman. Similar to term Gringo.
Chicano pejorative term for an English-speaking, non-Hispanic: "The gabachos
don't want to give drivers licenses to immigrants."
1. (n.) Term used by people of Hispanic origin to refer to the United
States. (masc. in Spanish: i.e.- el Gabacho) 2. (adj.) An American person or
thing. 1. Yes primo, past the Rio Grande lies El Gabacho. 2. José is such a
gabacho; he pays to get his lawn mow


"After being treated to that splendid, scintillating sophistic, legerdemain
apology of academic tenure and Ward Churchill, the trash- talking
campus-cafeteria renegade and rabble-rouser extraordinaire, however, I
suppose confusing magnesium with gymnasium, or Kermit the croaker with
Johnny Bull and Yankee Doodle shouldn't come as much of a surprise...."

Oh, shut up.  

Lou Paulsen

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