[Marxism] All free software is not always a cheat!

soma marla marlass_ag at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 19 00:34:16 MDT 2006

Free software is  not always a cheat !

There  are  several   individuals and  academics
working  around  the  world creating  software and
making  it  freely  accessible  to  public  online.
Yes,  there  are  Information  Technology  sharks who 
wish  to  monopolize the   information  generated
around the  world   with  their  commercial  
software. Micro soft Windows  is  a typical  example 
to this.
There is an international  body  of publicly 
conscious  computer  guys working with the logo “ all 
software  generated should  be freely  accessible  to 
public on the net”.  Take Linux,  a free Unix-type
operating system (originally created by Linus Torvalds
with the assistance of developers around the world) ,
a better  one than  Windows operating  system, freely
accessible to  all users.
In  Bioinformatics  we create a bunch of  software
tools  regularly,  but  some  of us  decided  to  keep
 it freely  accessible  to  all academics & 
researchers working in public sector.  Free software 
helps  in saving  resources in public  sector 
research and  helps to sustain  research  in health
care  & drug  design. Ofcourse  there are pit falls 
with  free software. They  can not  be  tested 
vigorously as  compared to  commercial  software. Yet 
we try  to get them beta  tested  seeking  help  from
volunteers around the  world. So lets  not  make a
sweeping  statement “ All free software is always a

Soma Marla

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