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Sat Aug 19 06:34:20 MDT 2006

Vis-a-vis Walter's a-historical view on the CCP and Raul Castro? Talk about
taking things out of context. Walter, the reason there is no 'campaign' is
because they WON, 30 years ago, in their campaign to build the CCP and destroy
the power...as in "DESTROY"...of the Catholic Church. The Cubans waged a
none-to-suble campaign agaisnt the Church as well as ideologically to wing
Cuban youth to socialism. The reason there is no campaign to day and Fidel can
inivite the Pope to Cuba is because they are no longer competing politically
*or socially* with the Catholic Church. They are not facing hordes of
evangelical missionaries or a campaign aginst communism waged on a mass scale
by Mujahadin fighters. It is simply a non-issue for them.

Additionally, it was what, only 5 years ago or so, that it was *forbidden* to be
a mebmer of the CCP AND the Catholic Church? Why was that Walter? Was that not
"revolutionary Marxism" then, or was does the new Raul Castro represent
revolutionary Marxism for all time? Context is everything, you are correct, and
it works both way, runs both ways...but it has to be based on the athesistic
underpinnings of Marxism. Reject that and you are rejecting Marxism.

Lenin's quotes are quite appropriate from the point of veiw of method. He wrote,
already quoted here earlier in the week, of a campaign (internationally mind
you) to challenge "political Islam" or (Pan-Islamic to use his word). This was
for *outside of Russia*. In fact, he was even against a united front with them,
it appears, something I think was mistaken, even given the *context* then of
trying to launch the Commintern in direct competition with pan-Islmacist groups
in Central and South Asia.

The fact is, communist are 'militant materialists', it's always been part of our
philosophy. It's not part of our *program*, but it is our philosophy.

So it brings us here today to the situation that we're talking about. Campaigns
in the UK to give the "Muslim community" special rights as if they were an
oppressed nationality, support for Shiria Law in Canada for Canadian Muslims,
anti-imperialist Islamic movements in Palestine, Lebanon and Iraq.

I reject any idea that one can't work on the political plane with currents likes
this, or, in a place like Lebanon, on a military plane. But these movements are
more powerful than anything the left or workers movement can organize in this
period, even in Lebanon, and Marxists have to be firm in *our* understanding of
what Islam is and what *we* stand for and the kind of *secular* society we want
to see...either that or you dissolve into this movement and convert.

David Walters


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