[Marxism] Anti-Semitism and the Greek Left (translation from Rizospastis)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sat Aug 19 08:26:04 MDT 2006

Y. K. wrote:
> or click on the links... that's why they're included. the text is
> obviously in Greek, not Russian, but if Russian renders it...
[a detailed enough reply i can use this for related questions ]

1. Russian made *a* rendering of it. i wouldn't recognize the difference
myself, and didn't think to try Greek.

2. you seem to miss the main point, that if you don't tell people
alphabet what you are posting in, there is a 99.999% chance this is what
they will see:

Στην είσοδο
προξενείου οι &

now would you agree this text is NOT obviously in Greek???? and would
you agree its a waste of people's time to see a page full of this?
here's what it looks like:


3. which is why i asked you to include a note to the effect of what
alphabet you are posting in so people could know how to render it. or
don't paste the original if you know it will render improperly, and only
include the link with an explanation like "here is the post in the
original language and alphabet".

4. you assume everyone has the time to click on a link to discover whats
there. we're asking for more courtesy: you need to show subscribers what
the significance of the link is so they don't have to waste their time
clicking just to find out what's there.


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