[Marxism] Infomrative article on the divisions in the UNT in Venezuela

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Sat Aug 19 13:48:56 MDT 2006

>From Greenleft Weekly:
The UNT was formed after the Confederation of Venezuelan Workers (CTV) sided
with management during the bosses’ lockout of the state-owned oil company PDVSA
in December 2002 taht attempted to force Chavez to resign. The UNT claims to
have more than 600,000 members, but it is said that many more unions claim to
belong to the UNT, despite not having formally affiliated themselves. It is
divided into five currents: The Class Unity Revolutionary and Autonomous
Current (C-CURA) led by Orlando Chirino; the Bolivarian Workers Force (FBT),
led by Osvaldo Vera; the Autonomous Union, the faction of Franklin Rondon; and
the collective led by Marcela Maspero.

Like most organisations, the UNT is a broad ideological church, spanning social
democracy at the right of the political spectrum to Marxism-Leninism on the
left. It was, as Chirino puts it, “forged during the heat of struggle”: the
leaders of different unions agreed to a national coordinating committee, hence
the entire organisation was formed from the top down with little discussion or
debate at the grassroots level. While this may have been understandable at the
time, three years on the UNT still lacks direction, purpose and legitimacy. The
second congress was supposed to put an end to these deficiencies.


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