Thoughts on Oz was Re: [Marxism] Lebanon setback spurs push in Washington and Israel for attacks on Iran, Syria

g.maclennan at g.maclennan at
Sat Aug 19 18:52:55 MDT 2006

A must read article indeed. It made me think of our situation here. But I despair of the absolute stupidity that dominates the public sphere in Australia - that combined with a wilful apthy/disengagement in the private sphere means that we will go "all the way with the USA" no matter where it leads.  

It is significant here that no one picked up on our Prime Minister's expressed willingness to be part of an international force in Lebanon only if it actively sought to disarm Hizballah. So we are on the far right neo-con flank in all this.  

The conservatives have also just promised us a war against terror that will last at least 50 years.

Where are the sensible bourgeoisie in all this? For instance has anyone calculated the cost of the Heathrow "emergency" to business? It would seem they are simply unable or unwilling to protect themseves, never mind us from this craziness.



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