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> gabacho m
>    1. a villager from the Pyranees
>    2. (colloquial, pejorative) a Frenchman, a Frog
>    3. (colloquial, pejorative) (Texas) a white American
>    4. (colloquial, pejorative) (Mexico) foreigner, gringo
> http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Transwiki:Gabacho

> White man, woman. Similar to term Gringo.
> Chicano pejorative term for an English-speaking, non-Hispanic: "The
> gabachos don't want to give drivers licenses to immigrants." 1. (n.)
> Term used by people of Hispanic origin to refer to the United States.
> (masc. in Spanish: i.e.- el Gabacho) 2. (adj.) An American person or
> thing. 1. Yes primo, past the Rio Grande lies El Gabacho. 2. José is
> such a gabacho; he pays to get his lawn mow
> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Gabacho
> "After being treated to that splendid, scintillating sophistic,
> legerdemain apology of academic tenure and Ward Churchill, the trash-
> talking campus-cafeteria renegade and rabble-rouser extraordinaire,
> however, I suppose confusing magnesium with gymnasium, or Kermit the
> croaker with Johnny Bull and Yankee Doodle shouldn't come as much of a
> surprise...."
> Oh, shut up.  

> Lou Paulsen

I thank Mr. Paulsen for his thoughtful, courteous reply--not really 
unexpected, and certainly on par with the general tenor discourse here.

I don't know what line of work Mr. Paulsen may be in, or have the 
slightest interest in finding out. But I'll tell him that in what I do 
for a living, precise, accurate translation is an indispensable 
requirement. To achieve and maintain this standard, as a matter of 
course I must consult a number of reputable, recognized lexical 
authorities. Neither the Royal Spanish Academy's Dictionary of the 
Spanish language nor The Mexican Academy of the Language's Brief 
dictionary of Mexicanisms defines the word gabacho as a derogatory name 
for English-speaking whites. be their national provenance American or 
what have you, in any of the principal or subordinate acceptations they 
assign to it.

Either work has a solid reputation as a lexical authority, one that's 
recognized on a global scale. I've no qualms about taking what they say 
to the bank, far as the meaning of gabacho goes. For when it comes to 
defining the words we use to express our thoughts and opinions, without 
some sort of agreed-upon set of meanings, folks would define them as 
they saw fit, which inevitably would lead to a deluge of Humpty-
Dumptyish gibberish.

But Mr. Paulsen apparently has risen above such niggling little 
details. Like ol' Humpty, who once scornfully retorted that the words 
he used meant exactly what he wanted them to mean, he scoured 
cyberspace's manifold nooks and crannies till he found a pair of 
"authorities" on which to batten, to debunk what I said about gabacho.

And you know something? Either of which is a real piece of work--a real 
piece of work; but neither can be called a recognized, reputable, 
standard authority. The first, whose handle is "Wiktionary" or some 
such, furnishes 4 acceptations for gabacho: the first suffers from an 
orthographic anomaly--"Pyranees???"; the second just seconds what the 
standard authorities say; the third and fourth state it's derogatory 
name for a white American in Texan Spanish and for a foreigner 
generally in Mexico, respectively.

Aside from the spelling snafu, which at a minimum is evidence of 
carelessly, if not a symptom of the chronic dumbs, the problem here is 
that the two relevant definitions come at the tail-end of the list and 
contain bracketed geopolitical names, which likely means that their 
usage is restricted to Gringolandia's Lone-Star state and presumably 
Chingolandia's length and breadth.

This very, very shaky ground on which to disprove what I said, except 
for Mr. Paulsen and those like him who endorse Humpty-Dumpty lexical 

Likewise, his second authority, called "urbandictionary.com", is no 
less flawed, particularly by its use of long obsolete, declassé gentile 
name, "Chicano."  Didn't that misbegotten moniker go the way of the 
Hula-Hoop and the Edsel back in the mid-'80s?

Of course there's a certain remnant cabal of stragglers from Chicanodom 
still kicking around these days, that apparently fancies itself the 
true progeny of Huitzilopochtil and custodian of Aztlan, the Mexica 
Promised Land--"Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes," as Juvenal once 
quipped. Last I heard, they were hard a work warding off Semitism's 
insidious insinuation into the modern Mexican social fabric, to wit:

> Candidate for President of Mexico "Gutman" Campaigns in New York City by
> Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan
> Los Angeles, Alta California - September 23, 2004 - (ACN) The former
> Secretary of Foreign Relations of Mexico, George Gutman, who today is an
> independent candidate for the presidency of Mexico met with a group of
> USA corporate bigwigs yesterday in a restaurant in the heart of Wall
> Street. La Voz de Aztlan was alerted by one of our Mexican-American
> subscribers in New York City of the meeting that took place in the
> Pancho Villa Restaurant on Pearl Street. 
> George "El Guero" Gutman chose New York City to launch his presidential
> campaign earlier this year and he is credited for engineering the
> presidential victory, along with a small cabal of Mexican Jews, of
> Vicente Fox Quesada in 2000. Fox of the PAN Party, soon after, appointed
> Gutman and a long list of Jews to top positions in his cabinet. New York
> City is a center of power for International Jewry and one reason why the
> twin towers came crumbling down. 

By the bye: George "Blondie" [el Güero] Gutman is better known as Jorge 
Castañeda. He used to be a poster-boy of progressivism, but has since 
suffered a reversal of fortune, and now hovers near the top of the 
progressive shit-list.

As tho'its risible anachronism weren't enough, urbandictionary.com 
cleaves mightily to the principles of Humpty-Dumpty lexicology, by 
allowing its users to enter whatever words and definitions may strike 
their fancy. And to keep the playing field level and the exercise 
democratic, users may vote thumbs-up or vice versa for each entry. 
Anyone can enter words that mean exactly what he or she might want them 
to mean, neither more nor less.

Despite such questionable quirks, Mr. Paulsen confidently trots out 
this "authority" to debunk what I said about gabacho.

Whew! Against this juggernaut of fact-based, scientifically-reasoned 
proof positive that I'm full of shit, I've no other recourse than to 
throw in the towel, shut up and suffer my just and condign deserts in 
shameful silence.

I salute you, Mr. Paulsen, on your total, unconditional victory. Good 



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