[Marxism] Idealism and Marxism

Tony Lawless lifesunquietdream at msn.com
Sat Aug 19 22:06:02 MDT 2006

I always think it funny when someone defends a non-dialectical thesis
regarding a particular subject -- in this case, the gulf between scientific
socialism and political Islam -- and then proceeds to offer the antidote to
this idealism, which itself turns out to be a model of idealist thinking.

Louis Proyect suggests: " it is useful for Marxists to not refrain from writing
things such as this", the this of which turns out to be an article entitled:

By Ali Azad.

In that article, we read the following:

"Consciously or not, Khomeini played the part of a class
collaborationist--the Bonaparte of the Iranian revolution--while
he expressed in part the political vision of the already-defeated
feudal class. As such he was a political anachronism, out of his
proper time in Iranian history."

Khomeini as a  "political anchronism" and the "Bonaparte of the Iranian
revolution"  "out of his proper time in Iranian history". Now -- that is an
idealist vision of history!

Everything in its due time, history unfolding as expected in
the minds of the Marxists, all the classes and ideologies doing
exactly what they should do, except when they don't and you
have to resort to models of other revolutions to explain classes
that are already defeated and yet somehow don't realize it, revolutions
that are  not really revolutions or which are only revolutions
"in part"  etc etc


PS. I wonder if anyone would be interested in comparing the massive effort 
conducted by the adherents to scientific socialism in the United States to the 
human devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina with the massive effort of 
Hizbullah to the human devastation wrought by the Israelis? Or is Hizbullah
handing out 12,000 dollars to members of the affected communities just

After such comparison, would anyone like to talk more about the differences
between the materialists of the scientific socialism camp and the idealists of 
political Islam in chaning the world or at least alleviating some of its misery?


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