[Marxism] Idealism and Marxism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 20 07:13:06 MDT 2006

Tony Lawless wrote:
>Khomeini as a  "political anchronism" and the "Bonaparte of the Iranian
>revolution"  "out of his proper time in Iranian history". Now -- that is an
>idealist vision of history!

I posted the Workers World article not because I agreed with the analysis 
in total, but because I wanted to remind Lou Paulsen that his group at one 
time did not put forward the sort of Tudeh-esque nonsense that he has been 
putting forward here recently. For a more thorough analysis of Khomeini, I 
recommend this article by Val Moghadam from the Socialist Register archives:


Notwithstanding Khomeini's exile, the clergy in Iran did not wane but on 
the contrary enjoyed rights, benefits, and privileges beyond the wildest
dreams of liberal and left-wing dissidents. In the first instance, the 
clerical establishment had a nation-wide network of mosques which actually
expanded during the second Pahlavi rule. Moreover, there was the array of 
theological seminaries, religious charities, endowments, lecture halls,
religious journals, periodicals and publications, and access to official 
and government-controlled print and electronic media. For example, Ayatollah
Morteza Motahhari, later a leading ideologue of Islamic revolution, 
appeared on radio and television, and was interviewed by magazines and 
newspapers. His views on Islamic marriage and his criticism of gender 
relations in the 'godless societies' of the West and East were well known 
as they had been serialized in the popular women's magazine, Zan-e Rouz 
(Today's Woman). The Hosseinieh Ershad, a religious forum in northern 
Tehran, was frequented

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