[Marxism] Race and Katrina

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun Aug 20 13:40:56 MDT 2006

I wrote:
> Let's get down to some practical politics....what SHOULD we have done?

Yoshie responded: "The Bonus Army-like march of the displaced to the
Capitol, to sprout Bushvilles there?"

This kind of response used to be commonly understood as the proper one.
Drop the problem on the doorstep of the people who caused it.  Not just the
Bonus marchers but Resurrection City, Coxey's Army, etc.  

Increasingly, though, the issue seems to me to be not so much what we do but
that we take the initiative to do something when the people involved are
generally willing to go beyond their "progressive" "community" "leaders." 

What happened with Katrina was that we were waiting for those "progressive"
"community" "leaders" to propose something...after the community was
essentially atomized...and they were sufficiently content to wait around for
the Democratic Party to do something.

I'd suggest that an initiative on our part would have gotten a level of
response...and that wouldn't have been possible to hide...and that might
well have started to move some of those "leaders" the right way...  Isn't
that the way the Poor People's March worked?  

A relatively very small group could have gotten this process rolling...the
ISO, Solidarity, WWP, the Greens, the Americans on this list are enough
people to have gotten the ball rolling and made a start. 

Because this kind of problem WILL happen again, discussing our responses
SHOULD be have some priority here.

After all, my friends, isn't the point not just to solve the world but to
change it?

Mark L.

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