[Marxism] Paulsen's supposedly anti-democratic, anti-labor, Tudehesque line

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Sun Aug 20 15:13:59 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect schrieb:
>> Seventh, it does not matter a great deal what I WANT for Iran, as my own
>> activity has little effect on the scene, direct or indirect.  But it 
>> might
>> matter what I want for the US left of which I am a part, and what I 
>> want is
>> for socialists in the US to follow the example of Lenin, whose 
>> practical and
>> literary activity was focused, first, on making revolution in Russia,
>> renouncing annexations, and carrying out the principle of
>> self-determination, and second, on making revolution in the other
>> imperialist countries, but very much less so on exposing and criticizing
>> various forces within the nations which were oppressed by Russia.
>> I hope this clears up some confusion,
>> Lou Paulsen
>> member, WWP
>> www.workers.org
> Well, despite all this, the Workers World Party has been saying pretty 
> much the same sort of thing I have been saying here. Maybe they are 
> about to reorient but in the 1990s, they had no problem criticizing the 
> government in Iran on *numerous occasions*. I think that leftist 
> newspapers in the USA should not hold back from writing articles like 
> this myself. I especially like the section "Rich fatten, workers suffer".
Louis, don't you think there is a slight difference between the 
situation in 1998 - i.e. before the war on terror etc. etc. - and now 
and that the tactical emphasis must be a bit different?

In the imperialist countries we have to earn the right to criticise 
those in conflict with imperialism by ensuring that our main thrust is 
against our own imperialists. Only then can we exercise our right to 
criticise those fighting imperialism, their politics and their tactics 
because it's clear that we aren't participating in the attacks of the 
imperialist powers and their lackeys on their opponents.

This also means that our emphasis will be different from that of 
socialists in the country being attacked by imperialism. For us in the 
imperialist countries the main enemy is at home.

Einde O'Callaghan

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