[Marxism] Paulsen's supposedly anti-democratic, anti-labor, Tudehesque line

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Sun Aug 20 17:06:43 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect schrieb:
>> This also means that our emphasis will be different from that of 
>> socialists in the country being attacked by imperialism. For us in the 
>> imperialist countries the main enemy is at home.
>> Einde O'Callaghan
> This is utter nonsense. 

Which part of my post is utter nonsense? The statement that the emphasis 
in different countries will be different? Or the statemnbet that the 
main enemy is at home?

> The subject of the character of the Iranian 
> regime would never have come up if Yoshie Furuhashi hadn't been 
> mailbombing the 3 highest profile leftwing mailing lists on the Internet 
> with pro-Ahmadinejad propaganda for months on end.

I wasn't commenting on anything that Yoshie had written or on a reply to 
her written by you. I was commenting on your attempt to criticise Les 
paulsen by citing an article published by his organisation in 1998 when 
the political situation was quite different.

> Nobody in the Pentagon or the State Department is going to make a 
> decision on invading Iran based on the discussions going on here.

This is blatantly obvious - but then in 1914 the imperialists didn't 
consult the social democrats before going to war either. The question is 
whether the analysis being offered by people who claim to be Marxists is 
clear about who the main enemy is or whether like most social democrats 
in 1914 lack of clarit yon this issue leads either to social pacifism a 
la Kautsky or to capitulation to one's own imperialist bourgeoisie like 
the majority of the social democratic parties.

> Patrick Bond has written a trenchant critique of Robert Mugabe. Mugabe 
> has been the subject of brutal economic destabilization attempts by the 
> United Kingdom. Because of this, should Patrick have refrained from 
> exposing Mugabe's brutal anti-democratic and corrupt practices? I don't 
> think so.
At no point have I said that we shouldn't criticise, but I have also 
said we have to earn the right to criticise by being clear about our 
anti-imperialist solidarity with all those fighting imperialism. Patrick 
Bond has more than earned that right both in practice and in theory.

Einde O'Callaghan

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