[Marxism] (Fwd) On my said neglecting of basic freedoms, etc.

Nestor Gorojovsky nestorgoro at fibertel.com.ar
Sun Aug 20 19:34:41 MDT 2006

Louis Proyect:

> One of the things I find disturbing about Nestor, Lou Paulsen and
> Walter's special pleading for political Islam is that it neglects
> the importance of the kinds of basic freedoms that the Bolsheviks
> fought for in Czarist Russia. 

I am not disturbed at all to be in the company of the ones you 
mention, Louis, in the same way I would certainly not be disturbed to
be mentioned in your own company.  But I have done nothing that can 
be called to "plead for political Islam", either in Iran or 

I am still an unreformatted secularist.  I positively love the  
tradition that starts with Thomas Achinas and ends up -not without a 
most important stopover at Versailles, 1789- with Marx.  I find most 
metaphysical thought is either boring, arcane, senseless or hollow 
unless placed in a proper historic-materialist context.  I hate any 
unholy mixture of religion and right.  In order to do that, I simply 
need to remeber that in my own country, under the pressure of the 
Church, each year women are forced to go to septic abortions by the 
thousands at the hands of rough practitioners under clandestine 
conditions, with fatal consequences for far too high a percentage of 

What I tried to do is to show that what is called on this thread 
"Political Islam" did not differ _that_ much from "Political
Christianism" during the early stages of Reformation.  And that if I 
had to look at the issue on the ground that I have been magically 
spirited off Argentina and transported to some radical cell in 
Teheran, then this is the approach I would favor.

I am not _for_ "political Islam", _nor_ against it in principle, as a 
political development.  I make no point whatsoever over whether the 
Islamic regime in Iran is worthy of our support or not, or, 
conversely, on whether the Tudeh party was an actually radical party 
or not.   I am for national revolutions in the semicolonial world, 
and their turning over to socialism somehow, most preferably through 
an active movement from the working classes that place themselves at 
the head of the  national front in the anti-imperialist struggle 
(Please read "working classes", not "working class", thank you).  The 
"somehow" above is so dependent on local conditions that it would be 
rash -for me, at least- to debate the Iranian case.  I like Teheran 
better than Riyadh, however.

Best to all,

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