[Marxism] Race and Katrina

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> I think this would have been, in effect, trying to substitute for the
> leadership that must come from *within* that national movement itself. And I
> say national movement rather than Black community advisedly and for a
> reason, I think that is what is involved.

"As that evacuation began, even the estimable NBC news anchor Brian
Williams referred to the flood victims as refugees, wrongly implying
that these people, a majority of them poor and black, were citizens
from another country seeking asylum in the United States. The term of
course was uncomfortably accurate in evoking the attitude of the
federal government toward a city with a high poverty rate, a crumbling
educational system and no political value to the Washington

"Douglas Brinkley, the author of "The Great Deluge" (William Morrow),
observes that Louisiana has always been treated as colony from which
natural resources could be extracted. Because its offshore oil wealth
is beyond the three-mile limit, revenue from oil and gas leasing has
accrued to the federal government, leaving the state without the funds
to restore the protective wetlands, which have been compromised by
industrialization, and shore up the levees that everyone from the top
down has always known were vulnerable. "

August 21, 2006
TV Review
'When the Levees Broke': Spike Lee's Tales From a Broken City
New York Times

A Requiem in Four Acts

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