[Marxism] Cuban doctors in Indonesia quake zone

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Mon Aug 21 11:42:53 MDT 2006

Cuba doctors popular in quake-stricken Java
By Tom Fawthrop
In Java

Many of the international aid teams that descended on Indonesia after 
the 27 May earthquake in Java, have packed up and gone home. But a 
medical team from Cuba has proved so popular that locals have asked it 
to stay on for another six months.

More than two months after the quake, the 135-strong Cuban team sees up 
to 1,000 patients a day at two field hospitals set up in the earthquake 
zone, 30km (18 miles) from Jogyakarta.[...]

But it is not only here in Java that they are playing an important role 
- Cuban medical teams have quietly assumed a major role in global 
humanitarian relief operations usually seen as the domain of wealthy 

Last October, Havana sent more than 2,000 medical staff to Pakistan and 
set up 30 field hospitals after the earthquake there, treating more than 
1.5 million people.


About half of the 65 Cuban doctors are women, a great advantage in 
Muslim countries, where women may be reluctant to be examined by a male 
Khalida Ahmad of Unicef, who witnessed Cuban teams working in the 
Pakistan emergency, agrees: "They treat patients like people, not just 
cases. Everyone I spoke to from the affected areas was so grateful. They 
felt they could always go to the Cuban doctors to ask a question, 
despite language difficulties."


"We felt very surprised about doctors coming from a poor country, a 
country so far away that we know little about," Dr Rockito says.

Full: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/4792071.stm?ls

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