[Marxism] Iranian Privatization (was: Models

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 21 13:02:10 MDT 2006

Lou Paulsen wrote:
>I think it is certainly true though that Ahmadinejad had the APPEARANCE at 
>election time of an anti-privatization candidate.  And he has, as Yoshie 
>said, stalled the process somewhat.  Do we know that Danesh-Jafari is 
>really Ahmadinejad's "hand-picked" candidate?  As opposed to being chosen 
>by Khamenei or as the result of some compromise?  I'm not saying that 
>because I have a great deal of faith in Ahmadinejad's  standing firm 
>against privatization, but because I really don't know what to expect and 
>am looking for clues.

But isn't that what is wrong with Iranian politics? It is like trying to 
decipher policy developments in the Kremlin during the late 1950s. 
Everything is filtered through the theocratic maw. Khamenei, who is 
supposedly really running Iran, tells the world that "This government 
[Ahmadinejad] is the most favorite government of Iran since 100 years ago". 
But it is Khamenei who is pushing for the very policy that Ahmadinejad is 
opposed to. That's why Iran needs DEMOCRATIC FREEDOMS, so that workers can 
press for their own demands without having paternalistic leaders speaking 
on their behalf. Lenin fought for democratic rights not because he had a 
fetish for such things but because they would facilitate the struggle for 



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