[Marxism] Basij

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 21 14:09:26 MDT 2006

>When teenagers drive to restaurants and parties at night, they must pass 
>Basij checkpoints. If young women are in the company of men, they must 
>prove the couples are either married or related.
>When young boys and girls stroll in parks, it is the Basij who check the 
>girls' headscarves to see if they conform with the law and cover the neck 
>and hair. Knapsacks are inspected in search of illegal music cassettes or 
>On university campuses, the Basij act as an arm of the police. They 
>maintain their own headquarters, from where their soldiers are dispatched 
>to enforce dress codes and other social regulations. Their main role is 
>intelligence-gathering, with any information being handed over to 
>undercover police.
>Chizari admitted the Basij have earned their fearsome reputation. 'Many 
>Basij are volunteers and inexperienced, and they act out of emotion and in 
>harsh ways. But our aim is to fight for the velayat-e faqh - the principle 
>of supreme clerical rule.'


Ahmadinejad was supported by many mosque preachers all over the country, as 
well as by religious volunteers for a paramilitary called basij. Some 
300,000 basij all over Iran essentially acted as a political party to 
support Ahmadinejad.



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