[Marxism] Iranian Privatization (was: Models

Marvin Gandall marvgandall at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 21 16:32:25 MDT 2006

Yoshie writes:

> You ever look at what Amnesty International and the like say about the
> Committees for the Defence of the Revolution in Cuba? Or what history
> books say about the Cultural Revolution?  All revolutions -- going
> back to the American and French revolutions -- have had trouble
> controlling the excesses of revolutionaries wishing to do all to purge
> what they saw as counter-revolutionary behaviors.  Most of them went a
> lot further than the Iranian Revolution.
Yes, there have been red terrors and white terrors, and red terrors have had
their "excesses" and have turned inward and devoured their own. But the
purpose of red repression was never the wholesale destruction of working
class unions, parties, and other institutions. From this standpoint, the
repression conducted by the Revolutionary Guards seems to have had more in
common with white terror, although the fact that they were part of a complex
revolutionary process which destroyed the Pahlevi monarchy gave them and the
clerical regime which they installed a more contradictory character, as this
is evident from this discussion.

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