[Marxism] Iranian Privatization (was: Models

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 21 17:21:37 MDT 2006

>Cuba, China, and Iran, to take the three examples that I have
>mentioned, all have corporatist government, in which the main workers'
>organizations and other institutions are the ones that pledge
>allegiance to the ruling party and are under its leadership.

This is impossible confusion. I have no idea where Yoshie gets her ideas 
from. Wallowing around in postmodernist journals? Monthly Review published 
a book recently detailing the capitalist transformation of China. Nobody 
ever believed that capitalism was ever abolished in Iran, least of all the 
mullahs that run the country. Cuba is understood by 90 percent of Marxists 
worldwide and even more importantly by the class enemy to be a country that 
overthrew capitalism.

>*   <http://www.iran-daily.com/1384/2464/html/national.htm>
>3.6m Women Basij Nationwide
>Some 350 women are commanders of Women Basij Resistance Headquarters.
>QAZVIN, Dec. 30 [2005]--Deputy head of Women Basij (paramilitary
>volunteers) Minou Aslani said on Friday 3.6 million women have joined
>Basij nationwide.

Just what Iran needs. Pinkerton goons with a vagina.

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