[Marxism] Why I *AM* interested in defending Iran --and Elvira-- from the Empire

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Mon Aug 21 23:12:36 MDT 2006

Well, because "the empire" oppresses me & my folks.

Yoshie writes, "What I am interested in is to study and understand Iran.
Knowledge might come in handy if and when conditions change here, so we
might become better placed to do something for the people of Iran or anyone
else for that matter, hard as it is to believe that such a time might come
any time soon."

I think this primacy of abstract "Knowledge" mediated by the (UK) Guardian
and the (NY) Times isn't worth much. At the level of tactical detail this
discussion is being conducted, you'd have to have a great deal of "feel" for
what the situation is on the ground to have an opinion that's worth more
than the cost of the New York Times on the Internet.

Take for example the discussion about the Cuban CDR's and the supposedly
similar or parallel Iranian formations. I have an idea of what the CDR's
are. I know where they come from, their history. I know what they do, what
the character of the struggle is that they're part of. I've been to CDR
meetings. I've accompanied CDR members at their activities. Thus when I see
the stupid slanders from the likes of Amnesty International repeated on this
list, I just smile and make a quick decision whether I'm going to waste my
time arguing with some prejudiced white radical that's already made up their
mind about something they know absolutely nothing about. 

But I don't have a clue about the supposedly similar or perhaps quite
different Iranian bodies. I've never even been within several thousand
kilometers of Iran. I don't speak Farsi. And I have no intention of becoming
an Iran expert --absolutely none. Nor is there any point to it.

Despite that, I DO believe there is a value to exposing and denouncing
imperialist plots against Iran. But most especially I believe that
everything we do here to expose and undermine and weaken the U.S. ruling
class and its social system will contribute to the defense of Cuba, of
Venezuela, of Bolivia, of Argentina and --yes-- of Iran.

In particular, I would draw attention to the "U.S. versus the terrorist
world" ideology that the ruling class has invested gizillions of dollars in
cramming down people's throats since 9/11. The immigrant rights movement is
a direct assault on this ideological pillar of ruling class domination and
imperialist adventures. 

There are stories *every day* in Latino newspapers and TV shows about the
case of Elvira Arellano. Would that Yoshie, Louis and the others devote one
tenth the passion to her case as they are devoting to this sterile

Yoshie speaks of the future "when conditions change here." I would suggest
that if the millions of people who marched and protested last spring don't
convince you, then Elvira Arellano's courage should. 

Conditions already have changed here. It's us who haven't changed.


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