[Marxism] Why I'm Not Interested in Defending Iran from the Empire (was Iranian Privatization)

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Tue Aug 22 00:50:45 MDT 2006

Yoshie wrote:> In the mean time, it's up to the Iranian people to defend their own> country.  No one else -- with possible exceptions of Hizballah, the> Mahdi Army, Damascus, and Moscow -- will lend them a hand.The Badr Corps will probably help out, I should think.  They certainly have stronger ties with Tehran than the nationalist Mahdi Army ever had, (about whom the most that can be said about their Iran connections is that they profess allegiance to an Ayatollah in Qom, on account of Sadr's youth and lack of seniority).However, Yoshie, I'm a bit worried by this apparent retreat into the watch tower.  How on earth is it correct to say we can't defend Iran from the empire?  We can do so by fighting our own governments.  We can do so by galvanising increasingly widespread hostility to the war.  It would be naive to suppose that this is going to be the central deterrent factor in the current circumstances, but our governments have to take it into account.  Blair certainly has to be concerned since some very angry military families are taking him to court, and promising to challenge him in elections: he's already lost councillors and parliamentary seats to the antiwar movement, which could not have happened without the massive street protests that we saw.  His party has already lost some trade union support and funding, and may lose more following an upcoming union conference.  If you want to know why Blair has been obliged to repeatedly stipulate that an attack on Iran is not on the cards, and why his former Foreign Secretary had to describe such a proposition as mad, it ain't because they've come over all pacifist.So why not defend Iran from the empire in that way?
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