[Marxism] Re: Old MacDonald had a model

Jean-Christophe Helary fusion at mx6.tiki.ne.jp
Tue Aug 22 08:00:38 MDT 2006

On 22 août 06, at 22:43, Brian Shannon wrote:
>>>>> What we need is first a revolution in the most advanced  
>>>>> democratic capitalist country.
>>>> Which is ?
>>> George Orwell indicated that it may be where the pigs rule . . .  
>>> so I guess I will have to go with the U.S.A.
>> And why don't we have a revolution there then ?
> I just offered a vote for the best model to answer my ironic reply  
> to Yoshie. May the best model win!

But I thought that her mails deserved more than irony. She explained  
numerous times that she was doing all the posting and discussing to  
contribute to the understanding of what was going on in Iran. The  
fact that she is answered with irony because she does not  
specifically address the "production mode" of Iran just blows my mind.

> Trotsky was fond of quoting Spinoza.
> "Let him who wishes weep bitter tears because history moves ahead  
> so perplexingly: two steps forward, one step back. But tears are of  
> no avail. It is necessary, according to Spinoza's advice, not to  
> laugh, not to weep, but to understand!"

And did Trosky write something about the Middle East ?


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