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>   The defeat in this Lebanon war (non-win becoming defeat) is 
> threatening Israel's existence. 

  I think one can compare the non-win, amounting to a defeat of Israels 
invasion in the south of Lebanon to the defeat by non-win suffered by 
Apartheid-SouthAfrica in the South of Angola in the spring of 1988. The 
offensive of the Apartheid-troops was stopped and they could not take 
Cuito Cuanavale which was successfully defended with the help of Cuban 

  The one big difference is that in Angola, the Cuban air force actually 
ended the South African air supremacy, while over Lebanon the Israeli 
air force is still ruling, and enforcing a total sea and air blockade. 
  But nontheless, the effects might be the same -- the feet of clay of 
the colonialist colossus have become visible, and suffered fissures 
which will lead to its crumbling. 

  Another difference is that the existence of institutionalized racism 
in South Africa was of much less importance to imperialism than the role 
of Israel as whip master over the Arab peoples of West Asia. 

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