[Marxism] "Holy Jihad Brigades" (was Friends and Enemies)

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Wed Aug 23 20:24:34 MDT 2006

I said to Karl a while ago:

On 7/31/06, Yoshie Furuhashi <critical.montages at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 7/31/06, kersplebedeb <info at kersplebedeb.com> wrote:
> > i'm not assuming Hamas or Hizbullah are my "friends" (and i think they'd
> > woof their cookies at the idea) - not only in terms of their possibly
> > anti-semitic positions, but also in regards to their positions on women
> > and queers - so i would criticize because they're making wrongheaded
> > statements, not in a desire of "not letting them make fools of
> > themselves"... but i do take Yoshie's point.
> >
> > It is condescending - and borders on outright racism - to accept that
> > people from oppressed nations can offer up the Protocols as if they were
> > real, and keep quiet because "they've got a right to be pissed".
> Pleased to see you agree with me on my main point.
> But let me offer another perspective on friends and enemies.  At the
> risk of raising yet another controversy, I'd venture that Hizbullah,
> Hamas, the Iranian government, and the type of Muslims who belong to
> roughly those currents of Islam are our friends, or, more precisely,
> our protectors.  Why?  Because we are in the midst of a three-front
> war against:
> * the Tel Aviv-Washington axis
> * the Arab power elites allied with the Tel Aviv-Washington Axis
> (Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt -- in that order)
> and
> * the type of international jihadists who behead people like Daniel
> Pearl and slit the throats of people like Tom Fox (a Christian
> peacemaker), take schoolchildren hostage and kill them at Beslan, bomb
> a Shia mosque in Samarra (one of the turning points in the dramatic
> increase in sectarian murders in Iraq), and so on.
> Based in the West, the only thing we can do here is to protest against
> Washington, in the hope of reining it in even a little bit.  More or
> less, Arabs and Muslims are left to their own devices to fight against
> all three of them.  To the extent that Hizbullah, Hamas, the Iranian
> government, and their ilks -- people who can think rationally and
> strategically and are capable of including women among their ranks --
> attract the allegiance of more Arabs and Muslims and prevail against
> the Tel Aviv-Washington axis, the Arab power elite who collaborate
> with it, and international jihadists of an apocalyptic tendency,
> people in the Middle East are safer, and so are we.  Hard as it may be
> for you to believe, it is they who stand between us and apocalypse.

Now, it looks like we are about to reap what the Tel Aviv-Washington
axis has sown in Palestine, too, not just in Iraq, precisely in the
fashion that I feared we would:

Fox News hostage video released

· Unknown Gaza militants call for release of Muslims
· Men appear healthy as weekend deadline looms

Rory McCarthy in Jerusalem
Thursday August 24, 2006
The Guardian

A previously unknown militant group in Gaza said yesterday it was
holding two kidnapped Fox News journalists and demanded that the US
release "Muslim prisoners" within 72 hours.

The Holy Jihad Brigades released a video showing Steve Centanni, an
American, and his cameraman, Olaf Wiig, from New Zealand. During the
90-second video they appeared unhurt and said they were in "fairly
good condition". They asked their families to apply political pressure
to secure their release.

It was the first time anyone had claimed responsibility for the
kidnapping nine days ago. The two men were seized outside the offices
of the Palestinian security services in Gaza City. The incident
surprised the Palestinian authorities, who said they did not know who
was behind the operation.

The kidnappers issued a two-page statement with their demands. "We are
going to exchange the Muslim female and male prisoners in American
jails in return for the prisoners that we have. We are going to give
you 72 hours, beginning midnight tonight, to take your decision," it

The group did not say what would happen to the two journalists if the
US did not meet the Saturday deadline. "If you implement and meet our
condition, we will fulfil our promise. If not, wait, and we are going
to wait with you," it said.

Although foreign aid workers and journalists have been kidnapped
during a rise in lawlessness in Gaza over the past few months, this
incident is more troubling because it has lasted so long. The video
released yesterday had uncomfortable echoes of the many videos
produced by kidnappers in Iraq. The kidnappers' statement was filled
with rhetoric and religious quotations, a change from the usual terse
ones issued by Palestinian militants.</blockquote>


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