[Marxism] Is the ruling class getting sick of Bush? And what ifthey are?

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Thu Aug 24 00:43:57 MDT 2006

Sayan wrote: 
But I think the ruling class is not very worried. They are doing well out of
all this. The "treasure and blood" for the Iraq war is coming at ordinary
citizens' expense, not at theirs, and as for such things as what the outcome
of the war would mean for US hegemony in the future, I think ruling classes
are too short-sighted to think so far ahead. (If they could think ahead,
they would be concerned with global warming, but they aren't).

Ruling classes are not stupid, but their Achilles' heel is that the logic of
short-term profit prevents them from looking far enough ahead.

I don't know... It's an interesting point.  The viewpoint of "the ruling
class" as a self-conscious class is a different thing from the sum of the
opinions of all the greedy businesspeople who make it up.  The ruling class
has its own institutions whose function it is to engage precisely in
long-term planning, to develop military and economic strategies.  That's why
there are Neocons.  And when the Neocons are thinking different thoughts
from the general run of bankers and merchants and big stockholders, some
might call that "independence of the state", but I sort of think of it as
"division of labor".  Neocons (for example) are part of that organ of that
parasitic animal, the organized ruling class, whose job it is to worry about
who is going to be ruling the world ten years from now, who is going to have
the profit and power that the oil of the Middle East can bring.

As for global warming, that's a different sort of thing.  The US ruling
class can survive the catastrophes associated with global warming, if they
have "enough" profit and military power.  But if they don't have the profit
and the power, then they won't survive whether the globe is too warm, too
cold, or "just right".  Furthermore, adequately dealing with global warming
is just about incompatible with capitalism itself.  The same cannot be said
of imperialist war.

Lou Paulsen

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