[Marxism] Satellite dishes in Cuba and USA

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 25 06:18:29 MDT 2006

Interestingly, it is completely legal to bring movies, books and
artwork from Cuba into the United States, as these are among the
few items specifically excluded from the U.S. government rules
which restrict the rights of the public in the U.S. to obtain
information from Cuba. Would a provider of satellite radio or
TV programming from Cuba, which has been designated by the US
as a state sponsor of terrorism, be similarly shut down? After
all, we can see Al-Jazeerah, and Amy Goodman's Democracy NOW,
but could we see Cuba's national news, its round table, its
soap operas and its children's cartoon, Elipido Valdes in the
United States of Disneylandia?

Thanks also to Sayan Bhattacharyya for drawing this report in 
today's New York Times to public attention.


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