[Marxism] Fascist intellectuals?

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Aug 25 15:56:43 MDT 2006

Jim Farmelant :

Back in 1999, I wrote for Doung Henwood's LBO-Talk
the following concerning A. James Gregor:

Concerning A. James Gregor, back in the '60s he wrote *A Survey of
Marxism: Problems in Philosophy and the Theory of History* which
is a reasonably competent survey exposition of Marxist thought
with particular emphasis on the intellectual development of
Marx & Engels and on Soviet philosophy.  He also had some
interesting things to say on the role of Pavlov's psychology
in Soviet Marxism-Leninism.  The book cover's profile
of Gregor mentions that he had published articles in
Science & Society amongst other places which is curious
given his more current far right associations.  He is also
described as having served as a lecturer on Marxism for
the Peace Corps.  Apparently this guy has always had interesting

CB: Of course, Mussolini himself was a Socialist Party leader before heading
up the Fascists. :>)


  On the basis of a web search I learned that he
is considered a leading revisionist historian of Mussolini and
Italian Fascism which he regards as having been a genuinely
revolutionary movement with a rigorous and compelling
intellectual foundation.  Apparently for Gregor, old Benito
wasn't such a bad guy.  Gregor is also the author of a number
of academic studies of US foreign policy in  relation to such
areas as China and Taiwan and Yugoslavia.

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