[Marxism] Fascist intellectuals?

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> The analysis of fascist ideology and politics puts strains on the 
> categories of classical Marxism (as opposed to 20th century varieties of 
> Western Marxism that have married it with other paradigms (for better or 
> worse) from psychoanalysis and so on). To analyse fascism in such terms 
> requires primary attention paid to its class character, relationship to 
> private property and big business, etc. Now, these things are certainly 
> vital to an understanding of how fascism was able to flourish (for example 
> with respect to the role of big business in petitioning Hindenburg to make 
> Hitler Chancellor - that said, I still believe that some Marxist analyses 
> of the Nazis assign events such as this too primary a role) and survive, 
> but do not necessarily tell that much about the very ideology of fascism 
> itself.

But, Sternhell, in *The Birth of Fascist Ideology* and elsewhere, 
specifically denies a fascist pedigree to the Nazis ("Fascism can in no way 
be identified with Nazism") because of the latter's racial component (i.e., 
biological determinism).   This, according to Sternhell, played the 
preponderent role in shaping its ideology, not anti-bourgeois nationalism or 
the struggle against Communism.   And he (and I) would ask: what ideologies 
are not "specifically shaped by economics"?

Louis G

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