[Marxism] Fascist intellectuals?

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Sat Aug 26 10:20:45 MDT 2006

On Sat, 26 Aug 2006 15:39:32 +0100 "Ian Pace" <ian at ianpace.com> writes:

> The notion that 'old Benito wasn't such a bad guy' by no means 
> necessarily 
> follows from what precedes it. Appreciating Italian Fascism in the 
> manner 
> described above might simply be part and parcel of an attempt to 
> understand 
> it and its power more deeply rather than simply demonise it. 

If that was all he was doing then sure.  But remember this
was a guy who started off writing articles for Sir Oswald
Moseley's newspaper, The European. And this is a guy
who injected himself into the movement to preserve
segregation in the South during the time of the civil
rights movement, writing articles that purported to provide
social science research that supprted the segregationists'
views concerning race.  Given these positions and many
of his other political positions that he has taken over
the years, I think no one here would be surprised if he
took a benign view of Mussolini and his regime.
Anyway, the first chapter of his book, *Mussolini's
Intellectuals* is available online at:

> What 
> exactly 
> are Gregor's exact value judgements on Mussolini? Also, what are his 
> views 
> on China/Taiwan/Yugoslavia - and does he have anything to say about 
> the 
> Middle East?
> Solidarity,
> Ian 

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