[Marxism] Fascist intellectuals?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Sat Aug 26 12:45:06 MDT 2006

Marvin Gandall wrote:
> Anyone notice any mass fascist movements or states around today?
> Fascism is best understood, IMO, as an interwar phenomenon which arose in
> reaction to the growing strength of the industrial unions and their
> attraction to Marxism - the appeal of the latter bolstered by the example
> and resources of the young Soviet Union - in the context of capitalism's
> gravest economic crisis.

I think this is exactly right, and one of the reasons I have for long
opposed throwing the label "fascist" around in contemporary politics.

One qualificatio. The Fascist movements fo the '30s drew the support
(mostly passive) of a number of prominent bourgeois artists and
intellectuals (including two of the greatest poets in English, Yeats &
Pound). The aspects of fascism which attracted these supporters are, I
suspect, aspects which will continue to have  attraction when manifested
in other political and/or cultural currents. Hence identifying and
studying those particular features of the fascist movements (often
features _only_ of their propaganda rather than their actual politics)
may be of continued interest today.


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