[Marxism] Hurricane Ernesto, Cuba, and U.S. government and network policies

Brian Shannon brian_shannon at verizon.net
Sun Aug 27 07:33:22 MDT 2006

This year, similar to past years, a hurricane is due to pass directly  
over Cuba, the largest island in the Caribbean, with the largest  
population, and the news media, including the Weather Channel, barely  
mention Cuba. Often there is no reference at all.

This is not spontaneous ignorance or individual willfulness of the  
news readers. There are too many stations and too many readers. It is  
endemic. It is station and network policy, initiated by the federal  
government and carried out as specific network and station policy. It  
has to be renewed from time to time for new announcers and/or new  
script writers.

The only question is whether there is any "smoking gun" documentation  
of this.

Brian Shannon

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