[Marxism] Hezbollah's social program (was Counterpunch interview)

Andrew Pollack acpollack2 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 27 09:15:42 MDT 2006

Just to be clear, since Sayan quotes me and then Achcar: I agree
with Achcar that as of now Hezbollah has a bourgeois program and 
is participating -- incorrectly -- in a bourgeois government.

I don't agree with Achcar that there is NO potential to turn
the group, or part of it, to the left, to a proletarian program.
But that would mean a radical overhaul of its program. 
Nasrallah's not Ahmedinejad, but neither is he Malcolm. He clearly
seems much closer to the former.

Just one example: the May 2006 mass strike I asked about (and
got no response) a few weeks ago. We need to know what attitude
Hezbollah's attitude was toward this strike, which was against
the neoliberal economic agenda of its colleagues in government.
I suspect, given its scale and the size of the Shiite working
class, that Hezbollah activists may have participated. But
we need to know that. 
Needless to say the long-term war against Zionism can't be won
unless it's led by such workers.

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