[Marxism] Hurricane Ernesto, Cuba, and U.S. government and network policies

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 27 11:04:09 MDT 2006

For nearly fifty years, Washington's principal weapon against Cuba and
its revolution has been the ignorance of the people of the United States
of America. This is more important than the Helms-Burton law. It is more
important than the Torricelli law. It is more important even than the
presence of the Guantanamo military base. It is the ignorance of the 
people of the United States, enforced by the travel, trade and financial
transaction restrictions which, in my opinion, more than any other fact,
allows the U.S. to treat Cuba as it does. If large numbers of people
could simple come to Cuba and see the place for themselves, it would be
impossible in the end to prevent the normalization of relationships
between the two countries. The dominant corporate media participate in
this quite actively, as Brian pointed out, by either not mentioning the
island where it is obviously present, in such things as weather reports,
or by concentrating almost entirely on problems when they do talk about
Cuba. Those are the main problems as I see them. The most important of
all things which happened between the Bay of Pigs and Fidel Castro's
illness was the Elian Gonzalez struggle. Through that struggle, people
in the United States began at long last to get a sense of the mentality
and politics of the rightist Miami militants, and the extent to which
they would go to prevent a child from being with his father, because 
the father supports the politics and policies of Cuba's revolutionary
leadership. The one useful thing which is coming out of Fidel Castro's
current illness is that it is, at last, provoking both a revealing
exposure of the mind-set of those Cubans in Miami, and a discussion in
the U.S. media of Cuba and U.S. policy toward Cuba, a discussion which
has been all but absence as the bi-partisan and mass media enforced an
absolute silence in these areas. That fact along should make Fidel feel
a bit better, it would see to me.

Walter Lippmann
Havana, Cuba

Ernesto Now a Hurricane to Hit Cuba

Havana, Aug 27 (Prensa Latina) Cuba's Meteorological Institute
confirmed that tropical storm Ernesto became a category one hurricane
in the Safir-Simpson scale and will hit eastern Cuba.

An exploration flight confirmed sustained winds of 74.56 m/h and
central pressure of 997 hectoPascal.

Forecasts are valid for the southern coastal municipalities of
Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Granma and Las Tunas and their mountain
ranges, and Camagüey.

Central and western provinces, including the Isle of youth special
municipality, must remain informed.

Since the event is expected to become further organized, the IMC will
issue its next forecast at Sunday noon.

Meanwhile Dominican Republic´s Centro de Operaciones de Emergencia
already activated its storm alarm to ready for flash floods and mud
slide caused by intense rain while heavy sea with 12-feet waves
already affect the south.

The COE fears floods in the vicinity of Yaque river and mudslide in
the capital and Santo Domingo, Monte Plata, San Francisco and San
Pedro de Macoris, Sanchez Ramirez and Monsenor Nouel provinces.

So far, forecasts for Sunday in the rest of the provinces are limited
to gust winds and heavy rain.


East Cuba Under Cyclone Ernesto Alert

Havana, Aug 27 (Prensa Latina) Eastern Cuba activated a storm alert
for hurricane Ernesto about to hit those territories with category
one force winds and intense rain.

Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Granma, Las Tunas and Camagüey
provinces ready to prevent a major disaster and activated evacuation
plans for potential floods and/or sea penetration.

Among other, livestock is being transferred to safe areas, fishing
boats to safe ports, prune trees, clean the sewerage system and
secure industries and food supplies to the population.

The local Meteorological Institute has also activated informative
phase for Cienfuegos, Matanzas, La Habana, Ciudad de la Habana, Pinar
del Rio and the Isle of Youth Special municipality.

Tropical storm Ernesto turned into a hurricane overnight with
sustained winds of 70 miles/h plus gust winds, and central pressure
fell to 990 hectoPascal.

At 06:00 am, its center was estimated at 17.0 N and 73.2 W, at 124.89
miles SSW Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and 245.44 miles ESE Kingston,

Ernesto follows a WNE course but curved speed to 9.32 m/h, while
forecasts for the next 12-24 hours indicate little change in path and
speed, set to hit SW Haiti between the afternoon and evening.

As forecasts indicate an evolution to category one hurricane, Cuba
will issue its next forecast Sunday at noon and address the matter at
the TV Round Table broadcast at 18:30 p.m.


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